Children have a dream!

Children have a dream!

Hip-hop is culture based on support! We can support each other and we can teach each other. Legendary Portuguese bboy Mister Dream releases these principles in practice. His history in hip-hop is very long. You can read interview with Mister Dream in "Slovo Magazine" #29.

Now Mister Dream and his organization "Masters Of Hip-Hop Academy & Productions" work with children in Portugal and Cape Verde. And in Cape Verde he created wonderful education project. Mister Dream teaches break dance children from poor families. This project needs financial support. And all we can help children to development in dance and culture. This can be their dream, which will help them during whole life! Help Mister Dream develops his project!

More information about project on his FB page.

Information for sponsors:

For payments in Portugal:
Entidade: 20130 - Referencia: 358520925 e depois o valor: €€ - Só por transferência para o NIB (Portugal): 000701430020868000440

For international payments:
Internationsl IBAN: PT50000701430020868000440
Duvidas no Chat ou telemovel: 939592512

Mister Dream proposite informational support to all brands and companies, which support their project.


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