Emmey Gramz - In My Lane

Emmey Gramz - In My Lane

The new album of American MC Emmey Gramz pleases with diversity. This is the first and very important advantage of "In My Lane". All the tracks are different in sound, but they united by style and performing skills of Emmey Gramz. This is exactly the case when the album kept its unity, but did not become monotonous.

Of course, in its style "In My Lane" is modern hip-hop in the broad sense of the modern sound canons. In the album are dance tracks and soft melodic tracks with elements of pop music and impregnated with melodic samples from soul and jazz. The mood of different tracks is constantly changing, moving from assertive and powerful to more calm and soft.

"In My Lane" definitely worth listening to. And everyone will find in it an interesting track for themselves. To my personal taste the best track is "Go To Church". But many others, for example, "Unexpected", "Different Levels" are also remembered and pleased!




01. Intro (feat. DJ Wizz)
02. Bout Dat (feat. Soulja)
03. Oughta Know (feat. Leeann)
04. Different Levels (feat. Hexx Nation, Blast Blicka, Maximillion, Skitzo Flows, Mello, Man Desperado, Blazewell & Em Dottt)
05. Like Me (feat. Kritical Beats)
06. Stupid Girl
07. 4-Luv
08. Unexpected (feat. Leean)
09. Fly Away
10. King Me
11. Go to Church (feat. Rev Parker)
12. In and out (feat. Spec Illest)
13. Back It up (feat. Leean, Block & Vicke Vyto)
14. Back It up (feat. Leean, Block & Vicke Vyto)
15. Tear It up (feat. Leean)
16. Fake Love (feat. Kritical Beats, Enigma Uknown & Leean)



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